The Advantages of a Full House Remodel

In an effort to solve a number of issues, a full house remodel can benefit a homeowner in a few ways. Full house renovation is the process of refurbishing multiple rooms or areas of a home at one time. When full house remodeling occurs, it’s best to have everything completed all at once rather than by piecemeal efforts. The cost will be much less and any inconvenience to the owner will be minimal. The following are three important advantages of deciding to do your full house renovations all at once.

        First Advantage: Full House Remodeling Saves Money

One reason why homeowners choose to do their full house renovation projects at one time instead of doing them piecemeal is that they end up saving money. The average cost of a full house renovation is much less than completing the same project in smaller segments, where parts of it are done at a time. Full house renovations require a certain amount of coordination and skill to complete successfully, especially if multiple contractors are used for various elements or phases of work. It’s not as simple as hiring one contractor for everything because each part of the home needs different types of expertise and supplies. Full house renovations also save homeowners money through their reduced energy consumption resulting from the upgrades they’ve installed during the remodel process.

        Second Advantage: Full House Renovation Results in Less Disruption to Homeowner Living

The cost savings that come from performing all your renovations simultaneously is great but are other advantages too. The most significant of them is the minimal level of disruption to your daily life when you do full house renovations all at once. Full house renovation today should only take one day, but if it’s done in phases, then there can be multiple days that will require living elsewhere or with noise and other disturbances while work takes place on your home. Full house renovation projects are typically done over three to six months depending on the size, complexity and age of your home.

        Third Advantage: Full House Renovation Projects Result in Enhanced Home Values

Home values increase after a full house renovation so homeowners should list their homes for sale before getting started or wait until they are completed if they are planning to remain where they are. Full house remodelers are especially good at maximizing natural light, which is considered one of the top features that contribute to your home’s value. Full house renovation projects also give homeowners an opportunity to replace older appliances and fixtures or upgrade them to more efficient energy-saving versions, which enhances their home’s value for prospective buyers who are looking for homes with green qualities. Full house renovations can be financially rewarding for homeowners who live in areas where property values appreciate over time. Full house renovations aren’t always necessary if you want to sell but they should still be seriously considered so you don’t lose money on your investment.

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